Are you anticipating a tax refund check? The average refund Americans receive is around $3,000, which can be utilized in a variety of ways. A recent survey found that 24% of the respondents spent last year’s refund in a matter of days and a little more than half of those surveyed admitted spending the money over a few weeks. Before making an impulsive decision, here are some other ways to allocate your refund.


Retention of Tax Records

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Are you looking for guidance on how long you should retain your personal income tax records? These records may have to be produced if IRS (or a state or local taxing authority) was to audit your return or seek to assess or collect a tax. In addition, lenders, co-op boards, or other private parties may require that you produce copies of your tax returns as a condition to lending money, approving a purchase, or otherwise doing business with you.


Taxes & Charitable Contributions

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As you’re preparing to file your tax return for 2016, CPS Investment Advisors wants to touch on charitable contributions. There are some misconceptions on what you can and can’t claim.


Will you be collecting social security this year? While it’s a very valuable benefit, it can also be a complicated one. There is misinformation out there and complex benefits formulas. Before you make a decision about claiming Social Security, let’s clear up some myths and get the facts.


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