The new year is here! If you don’t already have a financial plan, it’s a great time to work on one. The three most important steps to get started are figuring out how much money you have coming in (your income), how much you are spending (your expenses), and building an emergency fund. Looking at your income will tell you how much money you really have to work with, after taxes. Total up your expenses, subtract them from your income, and you’ll have a good idea of how much your bank account should grow every month if you stick to the plan.


The end of the year is near! Most of us have spent the past two months engaging in the usual holiday rituals of turkey and eggnog. During this time of year, it’s hard to resist the dual temptations of over-eating and over-spending. Fortunately for all of us who found it hard to resist these bad behaviors, a new year is right around the corner! With it comes the opportunity to start fresh and replace bad habits with good ones.


CPS Investment Advisors has been named a 2017 National Winner for the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For Program. Four-hundred forty companies were selected nationwide for the honor out of more than 2,000 nominations.  Information about the company was submitted prior to the announcement and employees had to fill out a confidential survey. The CPS team is honored to have been chosen as a National Winner!

Tis’ the season to give and CPS Investment Advisors hopes this donation will help create a special memory for local veterans.  Principals and employees raised money for the “Flight to Honor” program. It helps transport military veterans to Washington so they can see the memorials of the wars they fought in. CPS employees are able to wear jeans on Friday if they donate toward a special cause. Flight to Honor was one of the organization’s employees voted to help in 2017. The firm’s partners also matched the donation. Retired Air Force Colonel, Gary Clark, is in charge of the local program and was thrilled to receive this donation to help more veterans experience a memorable journey. CPS Investment Advisors salutes all of our nation’s veterans and active military personnel.

Focus On Your Plan, Not Performance

Posted on December 8, 2017 in

2017 has been a good year for the markets for many participants. Both stocks and bonds have done well even with the prospect of higher interest rates and potential turmoil. All three major U.S. equity indexes, the Dow, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ posted solid gains through the beginning of December. International markets are also positive for the year.


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