Tis’ the season to give and CPS Investment Advisors hopes this donation will help create a special memory for local veterans.  Principals and employees raised money for the “Flight to Honor” program. It helps transport military veterans to Washington so they can see the memorials of the wars they fought in. CPS employees are able to wear jeans on Friday if they donate toward a special cause. Flight to Honor was one of the organization’s employees voted to help in 2017. The firm’s partners also matched the donation. Retired Air Force Colonel, Gary Clark, is in charge of the local program and was thrilled to receive this donation to help more veterans experience a memorable journey. CPS Investment Advisors salutes all of our nation’s veterans and active military personnel.

Focus On Your Plan, Not Performance

Posted on December 8, 2017 in

2017 has been a good year for the markets for many participants. Both stocks and bonds have done well even with the prospect of higher interest rates and potential turmoil. All three major U.S. equity indexes, the Dow, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ posted solid gains through the beginning of December. International markets are also positive for the year.


Parents, especially those with young children, often find themselves thinking about how they will set aside money to help pay for college. They want the best for their children in hopes they will spend more time on their studies versus stressing over student loans.


The Peace River Center has a new addition! October 17th marked the grand opening of the Lakeland Crisis Campus. CPS Investment Advisors made a donation and our team is glad it will be able to help those in our community. CPS President, Peter Golotko, serves on the Peace River Center Board of Directors. Golotko and other employees attended the ceremony, which included a ribbon cutting. Peace River Center’s mission is to engage, restore, and empower individuals in our community to reach their fullest potential.

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