Hunter Hall

Office Assistant

Growing up in Lakeland, Florida, Hunter Hall is a high school graduate from McKeel Academy and a shoulder to lean on for a very intelligent, and sometimes mischievous, little brother. When he isn’t with his family having movie marathons or planning trips, he is spending the day with his best friends or heading to Disney for his favorite rides.

Beginning his role as an Office Assistant in January of 2015, Hunter has learned what it takes to become an accomplished individual in the financial services industry, putting professionalism and efficiency at the forefront. He is meticulous and completes numerous, diverse tasks within CPS. Whether it is designing PowerPoints for several of the firm’s events or working to make the office paperless, he is a highly-respectable communicator and collaborator. Every day is something new, and Hunter has found the best guidance comes from the people he is regularly surrounded by: his colleagues and CPS’s amazing clients.

In 2020, at the top of his collegiate career, he is optimistic and ambitious for his future. Hunter anticipates expanding his knowledge in hospitality management and finance, in both an educational atmosphere and in the local community.